How Important is Hydration When Training Calisthenics?

Like any other style of fitness, calisthenics requires a lot of energy. Energy that comes from the things we put into our bodies. The food we eat and the water we drink, play a huge role in the way in which we perform during training, the way we recover and the way we get to see results in our calisthenics journey.
Often times, we go about our day and forget about stopping. We’re busy, busy, busy with life and forget about eating, drinking and even thinking. I used to make this mistake unknowingly and ended up paying the price before, during and after every training session.
Hydration, especially when you live an active lifestyle is super important. Our bodies are mostly water and require at least 2 litres to function well. In calisthenics, we tend to sweat a lot, we tend to be outdoors and we tend to use a lot of energy. We need to make sure that water and proper hydration is an essential part of our training routine to make sure that we…

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