Climbing Alps At The 2019 adidas Infinite Trails World Championship – Running Fitness Article

When one picks up and moves to Austria, the term “local trail scene” quickly takes on epic proportions. Big mountains, epic events, and cheering crowds that line courses that venture beyond the clouds…this is how they roll. The 2019 adidas Infinite Trails World Championship (aIT) was my first event as a local, and HOLY COW did it deliver on all fronts. Super fun, but I clearly have some work to do to step up my local game! The aIT is…

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A Trail Runner’s Blog: Boston XV – Running Fitness Article

There are few races that fuel the soul of a runner as deeply and consistently as the Boston Marathon. The rich history, great performances, wild card weather, and unstoppable energy permeating from first time runners and ever-cheerful volunteers/spectators always draws out our best. This cauldron of inspiration cannot be explained, nor contained, only experienced and permanently absorbed. It has now pulled me back for fifteen consecutive editions, and the 2019 race (my “Boston XV”) once again exceeded all expectations. The…

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