6 Tips For New Runners To Avoid Injury. – Fitness Article

Last week I received a message on Instagram from a new runner, she has recently started running and is working towards a goal of running a half marathon later this year. Her question was ‘How many times a week should I run? Will I get injured if I run too much?’ I get a lot of questions about running, recovery, and injuries so I thought I’d share my top tips in one post … ALWAYS Warm Up! Even if it’s just…

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Power Hour Podcast | – Fitness Article

Power Hour Podcast | It’s finally here! Last week I launched my brand new podcast show, the Power Hour! So far, the response has been incredible. Within the first twelve hours the show was in the top 5 rated podcasts in iTunes. Madness!! click here to subscribe I first discovered podcasts when I was training for the London marathon last year. Each week I would listen to inspiring stories and interviews, whilst clocking up my morning miles. This was around…

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