Patagonia – tackling air pollution with Running Up For Air: Chamonix – Running Fitness Article

A big part of running is the place in which we do it. Whether you are a sprinter in a packed stadium, a trail runner cruising through the mountain-side forests, a marathon runner racing through a city or a park runner enjoying the green parts of a town, place makes a difference. And a big part of any place is the environment. Running is a physical activity and as such, having clear air to breathe is essential. But that is…

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Stop. Collaborate and Listen – Like the Wind Magazine – Running Fitness Article

Co-Creation at the Heart of the Ultraboost 19 Henry Ford, when he was developing the first widely available car, is credited with saying that if he had asked people what they wanted, they would have said “faster horses”. It’s much better to observe and engage with individuals to see first-hand what they need and build something greater. That is why the adidas team behind the Ultraboost 19 went running. “We ran with thousands of runners to hear their feedback about…

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Run to Rise – Like the Wind Magazine – Running Fitness Article

Run to Rise – Like the Wind Magazine Think for a moment about a great early morning run. It doesn’t need to be the fastest run you’ve ever recorded – in fact it probably shouldn’t be. It should just be one of those runs where everything comes together. Dwell for a moment on some of the sensations of that run. Close your eyes and relax into remembering the feeling just before you started. As you laced up your shoes and…

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