Is Your Diet Damaging Your Brain? – Fitness Article

Is Your Diet Damaging Your Brain? Our brain is the powerhouse of our body. All our actions are controlled by our brain, ranging from even the slightest task of blinking the eye to standing up from a chair. The brain gets energy from the food we consume. The best functions are performed when nutritious diet is consumed and it is very necessary to consume a balanced diet in order for proper functioning of the body. Food is one of the…

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Should I Cut Out Alcohol to Get Rid of Fat? – Fitness Article

First, I’ll toast you to a good question here. (I’m drinking green tea right now, but feel free to have a sip of whatever you wish.) When people ask “does alcohol make you fat,” or “should I stop drinking to lose weight,” the answer is complex, but can be summed up with: No, you don’t have to ditch alcohol to lose fat… BUT, if you do cut out drinking, it might help. Alcohol And Weight Loss: It’s Complicated…

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