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Can Vitamin E and Exercise Help Kids Learn? – Workout Fitness Article

Can Vitamin E and Exercise Help Kids Learn? One hundred twenty adolescents in Saudi Arabia ages 15–18 were assessed by scientists who were curious to discover if a link exists between vitamin E intake, school performance and exercise. Told not to alter their eating or activity habits, the teens were divided into three groups according to their activity level: mild (<500 metabolic equivalent minutes per week), moderate (500–2,500 MET/min/week) or active (>2,500 MET/min/week). Blood samples were collected at regular, consistent…

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How to Use NLP to Help Clients Overcome Obstacles – Workout Fitness Article

How to Use NLP to Help Clients Overcome Obstacles It’s an hour before your session starts, and you get a text from your client Kelly, a 33-year-old mom of two who is 50 pounds overweight, has just been diagnosed as being prediabetic, and is trying to change her lifestyle. She’s late again. This is not the first time Kelly has been late, and you’ve had “the conversation” with her about your cancellation policy. However, your gut tells you that something…

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Recovery and the NASM OPT™ Model – Workout Fitness Article

Recovery and the NASM OPT™ Model Getting the most out of each workout requires more than just following a great training program. Consistent performance also requires an optimal balance between training and recovery. Mention the subject to most clients, though, and you’re likely to meet with disinterest or even resistance. Clients rarely think of recovery as a planned activity, and others go so far as to believe that time spent recovering will interfere with goal achievement.   So, in addition to all…

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