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Sparkly Runner: 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend: Marathon Recap – Running Fitness Article

Going into this year’s marathon, I felt pretty good. I’d hit the majority of my training runs, had no major injuries, and didn’t get sick in the days before the race. Woohoo! I was ready. Matthew and I got up early on marathon morning and got our bags packed and ready; mine with snacks, body, glide and flip flops for after the race, Matthew’s with snacks, cow bells, and sunscreen. The weather forecast had changed dramatically from the few days…

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Sparkly Runner: 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend: Health & Fitness Expo – Running Fitness Article

This recap covers the Health & Fitness Expo. See the Cigna Blogger Meet Up recap here and even more runDisney recaps here! Y’all. This year’s WDW Marathon Weekend was The. Best. It. Has. Ever. Been. Seriously, we typically spend less than an hour at the expo because it’s usually insanely crowded with long lines everywhere. Last year, we didn’t even go into the official merchandise area because the line to get in was so long it was outside the building-…

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