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What NOT Running for a Month Has Taught Me – Running Fitness Article

If you follow me over on the instagram, you probably saw that I’m not running for 6 whole weeks. I’ve been pretty quiet because what is SoCal Runner Gal supposed to talk about when she’s not running? Walking? That just doesn’t have the same appeal. walking, not running, down the 101 Why am I not running, you ask? No, I’m not injured. I had an elective surgery that requires zero running for a month and a half. Self inflicted but…

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Staycation // Married Life – SoCal Runner Gal – Running Fitness Article

Staycation // Married Life – SoCal Runner Gal There’s nothing like waking up in a bed that’s not yours on a Sunday morning. Maybe I should be more specific. There’s nothing like waking up in a huge ass, comfy, clean (i.e. no dog hair) hotel bed with zero responsibilities ahead. Otherwise known as a staycation. she really does wake up like this. Brittany and I stayed at the new Hotel Republic down in Little Italy this past Saturday and it…

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