Welcome to the Power of Now – Pilates Fitness Article

Welcome to the Power of Now As someone involved in wellbeing, I should definitely tell you that true contentment is discovered in being truly present in the moment. The power of now.However, to give your ‘now’ a little perspective it is certainly sensible to take a moment to look into the past, and also to prepare for the future. Sometimes it’s as a way to learn from past mistakes and step into your future with a renewed perspective. Or other times…

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Yoga and Calisthenics // Meet Coach Jude – Calisthenics Fitness Article

Yoga and Calisthenics // Meet Coach Jude Yoga has been part of my life for a long time, but I’m relatively new to Calisthenics A marriage of yoga and calisthenics So what made me try it and why does it work so well for me alongside my yoga practice? In all honesty, I started yoga because I was in pain! But this is not unusual – many of my students either suffer from injuries or just have achy bodies from…

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Jo on the simple things: Gratitude, and being cooked for – Pilates Fitness Article

Jo on the simple things: Gratitude, and being cooked for It’s always wonderful to hear from our guests about their Azulfit experiences and how they have impacted on their lives in such a positive way. However, we forget sometimes to reflect on how much the guests and the experience has a positive effect on our own lives too. It was so welcomed and beautiful to receive this blog from our inspirational Pilates teacher and nutritional advisor, Jo, who is fresh back…

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Meet Calisthenics Coach Owen – School of Calisthenics – Calisthenics Fitness Article

Meet Calisthenics Coach Owen – School of Calisthenics Let’s set the scene. Image an office environment, your colleagues are content with instant coffee and beige pastry snacks for a meal. You’re restless in your chair, you make excuses to go to the fridge or fetch things from downstairs as an excuse to get closer to your steps quota for the day. You’ve found the toilet door is the perfect height to hang from. You know its good for grip strength…

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The Best Way to Carry Your Phone on a Run – Running Fitness Article

Home » Articles » The Best Way to Carry Your Phone on a Run   For today’s connected, data-collecting runner, a smartphone is a must-have. There are routes to be tracked, paces to be calculated, playlists and podcasts to listen to, and selfies to take. But every runner who brings long a phone has to face the question: How do I carry… This is only a snippet of a Running Fitness Article…

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Better Strength Training Is Just One Step Away (BodyBuilding.Com Feature) – Intrinsic Strength Training® – Workout Fitness Article

Make this simple change to movements you’re probably already doing, and you’ll feel a difference instantly. If you’re looking to make your stale training more dynamic, read this!In life, the majority of our movement is done with what’s called a “gait pattern.” Most or all of our body weight is on one leg, while the opposite leg is traveling. With each step, the position of the entire body changes. Your foot position changes your pelvic position, which changes your spinal…

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