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September Athletes of the Month – Crossfit Fitness Article

September Athletes of the Month Congratulations to our September Athletes of the Month, Rachel Peterson and Bruno Lima! Rachel Peterson is a superstar of the 5:30am class. She has worked quietly and consistently to build her strength and skills with very impressive results. When she first came to the gym, she had one of those kinda scary squats(!), but she has trusted the process, taken it one class at a time, respecting the pace of her own progress. Now she…

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October Athlete of the Month: Aaron Rutzick – Crossfit Fitness Article

October Athlete of the Month: Aaron Rutzick photo: Adam Iverson Photography  Aaron is so kind to everyone in the gym. He calmly comes in, cracks a few jokes, calmly kicks ass through the whole class, and calmly goes off to SAVE LIVES! – Coach Jeff Aaron will often talk about how fit and able other people are while being one of the most able athletes himself.  Aaron will absolutely crush workouts and then commiserate with everyone that went through it…

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AOTM November 2019: Jenessa White – Crossfit Fitness Article

AOTM November 2019: Jenessa White Congratulations to our Athlete of the Month: Jenessa White! Jenessa with Sasha, hanging at FNLI had to check several times to make sure that Jenessa had not already been athlete of the month, because she is such a huge part of the fiber of Solcana that it seems preposterous that she has not already gotten this nod. In the past she has won the Spirit of the Open award for being such an incredible cheerleader…

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