Benefits Of Creatine – Dr. Nick’s Running Blog – Running Fitness Article

Benefits Of Creatine – Dr. Nick’s Running Blog If you’re trying to progress further in the gym, then you’ll have probably thought about using products in order to help aid your training. Whether it’s to lose more weight, bulk up and tone or to just have more energy to work out, there’s a lot on the market. One of the many popular supplements available is Creatine. But what is Creatine and what are the benefits of taking it? We’ll delve…

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CLEAR YOUR CONCEPTS Part 2 – Fitness Article

CLEAR YOUR CONCEPTS Part 2 Dear Readers, hope you enjoyed my previous post and must be waiting for next part. Unfortunately, I got busy with other works. But this post will complete the talks about clearing your concepts of general body building science which could help you in a healthy way.  The science behind Body Building exercise is very simple i.e. lift heavy and eat more. But what to eat more? And how much you have to lift?  Answers are below:…

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