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Brownies! – Running Fitness Article

Brownies! Now, I’ve made brownies countless times. I’ve even made brownies for this blog before. The great thing about brownies though, is that there are so many different ways to make them, and (usually) they’re all good. Except I’m honestly still not on board with the whole black bean brownie recipe… maybe one day I’ll change my mind. Brownies are usually my go to recipe for a dessert since there are so many different ways to produce a great tasting…

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Sugar Cookies – Running Fitness Article

Sugar Cookies I think sugar cookies are the quintessential holiday cookie. It is definitely the favorite cookie among my kids, especially around the holidays. They’re great to make cutouts with, and even more fun to decorate. Making sugar cookies couldn’t be easier and take almost no time once you get them in the oven. One of the more simple recipes can be found on All Recipes. I guarantee you have most of these ingredients in your refrigerator or pantry already.…

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Cleaning Out The Fridge pt. 2- Caramel Pie Recipe! – Running Fitness Article

Cleaning Out The Fridge pt. 2- Caramel Pie Recipe! Well, I still had one more pie crust to use, so thought I’d make something a little indulgent. By nature, I do have a sweet tooth, and absolutely love all things caramel. This caramel pie is sweet and just perfect for a craving, even a small piece is so satisfying. ‘ I used this recipe as a reference: What you’ll need: 1 thawed 9in pie crust 1 cup & 1…

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