“Good Samaritan” Shows up at NYC Marathon – Running Fitness Article

“Good Samaritan” Shows up at NYC Marathon The “Good Samaritan Bandit” showed up at The New York City Marathon. He is not hiding that fact, and obviously he enjoys the attention. He showed up on the television coverage of The NYC Marathon. This photo originated from a post on a Facebook group, and was sent to me. A couple other people shared similar images. LaPierre is seen running near the elite runners. If there are any question that person from…

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“Good Samaritan” Bandit Responds to Criticism – Running Fitness Article

“Good Samaritan” Bandit Responds to Criticism Last week, I wrote about the “Good Samaritan”. A runner on the way to The Chicago Marathon, took matters into his own hands when an individual was asking patrons for money while flashing a handgun. Jean-Paul Lapierre confronted the man, and managed to disarm the would be robber. Viewers of the news story were quick to notice that Lapierre was shown wearing a bib from The 2016 Chicago Marathon. The story on WGNTV was…

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