My Top 5 Most Popular Videos of 2017 – Calisthenics Fitness Article

My Top 5 Most Popular Videos of 2017 This year has been an incredibly busy year for FitnessFAQs. After beginning the year with three full-day workshops across Australia, we worked tirelessly to bring you the Limitless Legs training program – released in August.The website was re-launched on new VPS hosting, a brand new design and now features over 20 original blog posts. Full customer testimonials and access to our collection of training products are now easily accessible.We’ve continued to release high…

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15 Exercise Tips For People Over 50 – Workout Fitness Article

15 Exercise Tips For People Over 50 Our bodies begin to change drastically after fifty: a more rapid decline in bone density and a greater loss in coordination and motor control. Fortunately, in most cases, all of these things can be slowed or reversed with the implementation of a good fitness program. It’s great to have strength or weight loss goals at this age, but, most importantly, it is the goal to protect one’s physical independence.   Balance Training A…

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You Shouldn’t Train Like the Pros to Build Muscle – Workout Fitness Article

You Shouldn’t Train Like the Pros to Build Muscle Most men come to the gym with the goal of improving their aesthetics. Often they look for guidance through various channels of information, the most common being Google, YouTube, or a fitness blog.   These can be a great place to start, but all beginners and many intermediates run into the same fundamental problem. They don’t have a pre-existing understanding of nutrition and exercise and therefore have no way to evaluate…

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What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 – Workout Fitness Article

If you’re new to exercise, or coming back to it after many years of a layoff, it is very challenging. You don’t have the same sense of fearlessness that you had in the past. You may lack confidence for many reasons. If you are over 50-years-old and starting out, the challenge can seem overwhelming. The truth is that we have an aging population, more awareness of the benefits of exercise, and a sense of urgency about reducing the cost of…

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Beat the Heat with These Summer Running Tips – Running Fitness Article

Home » Beginners » Beat the Heat with These Summer Running Tips No matter where you live whether it’s in Florida or Alaska, summer is hot. And that might make your summer runs not very enjoyable!   In this article, we’ll talk about running in the summer and heat, why it’s hard, and tips to make summer runs easier. Soon you won’t be dreading those summer runs quite as much.   Why is it so hard…

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6 Things That Happen When You Start Strength Training – Fitness Article

I work with a lot of high-achieving women who don’t always love being a beginner at something. Us perfectionists? We like to get things right away! We’re quick to want to look at the end goal, and we definitely don’t like to appear incompetent. But I’m here today to remind you that there’s so much beauty in the process of mastering a new skill. There’s also a big difference between incompetence and learning! Being a beginner is nothing to be…

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