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My Journey To Mindfulness – RunningMyselfTogether – Running Fitness Article

My Journey To Mindfulness – RunningMyselfTogether Oh, my dear friends, I cannot even express to you how excited I am to finally share this blog post with you. First, because I’m finished the program (woo!). Second, because it has shown me a new side to life that I never took the time to experience. Third, because it brought me so much peace and joy knowing that we’re talking about mental health in the Church.  If you haven’t been following along…

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When We Find Our Plans Not Going As Planned – Running Fitness Article

When We Find Our Plans Not Going As Planned I’m writing this to you right now, because for a while there, I felt alone. And I know once I share this with you, hands will be raised and there will be lots of, “You’re not alone!” And I already appreciate the kind words. You see, I fell into the very trap I’d set for myself. The trap I fall into time and time again. The Trap I don’t think I’m…

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I Thought Discernment Was Easy… – Running Fitness Article

I Thought Discernment Was Easy… But it’s wrecked me in the best way possible. It’s shown me pieces of myself that I never knew were apart of me. I wrote a Real Life update a month or so ago, and I divulged some of the areas of my life I’m working through. Except, life has gotten a lot more “real” over the past month or so. And it’s something I’ve had to wrestle with in my heart time and time…

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How I Plan For A Successful Week of Workouts – Running Fitness Article

How I Plan For A Successful Week of Workouts A body in motion stays in motion, right? But it’s the getting into motion that’s the toughest part sometimes. Maybe we’ve taken “a break” from working out and are fearing the lies in our heads about just how painful working out will be or maybe we’re just coming back from an injury and are afraid of getting hurt again. Maybe, we think we’re too fat, too out of shape, too unhealthy,…

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Dating, Marriage, and Religion – RunningMyselfTogether – Running Fitness Article

This has been on my heart for quite some time now. I’ve talked to people in my life about it, but haven’t talked about it here. Mainly because it’s pretty personal, but also because I didn’t really have the right words to say. I do now. Or at least, I think I do. But more importantly, it feels kind of isolating to live through this (in a strange, non-dramatic way). And we don’t like isolation here in this RunningMyselfTogether community,…

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A Trip To My Therapist’s Office – Running Fitness Article

I looked at my calendar and silently groaned. “Therapy again tomorrow? I just went last week. There is literally nothing else I can say. I’ve said it all.” And there’s some truth to that. I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was 15. Having eating disorders, anxiety, and depression means my butt has been on a lot of old couches with stiff pillows, while surrounded by fake plants, cheesy quotes and various assortments of self-help books. Nonetheless, I…

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A Real Life Update – RunningMyselfTogether – Running Fitness Article

I still work full time, managing PR and social media for a tech company here in Charlotte. I love the work I do and the people I work with. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed giving my all to my job and giving my all to RunningMyselfTogether. Plus, have I mentioned I have anxiety? I don’t think we talk about this enough, though. There are so many people out there working full time and working on amazing side projects. It’s fulfilling, but…

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