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Should You Still Consider Shared Hosting For Your New Blog? – Blogging Tips Article

If you are planning to start a new blog, the first decision you need to make is about hosting. Do you want a self-hosted blog or you want to use any of the free platforms like out there like You can do a lot of thinking for this but at the end its boils down to, if you are blogging as a hobby or are you serious about it. If you are serious about it, you will be looking…

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5 Freelancer Specialists to Help Grow Your Blog – Blogging Tips Article

When I first started a blog, the only thing I thought about was the content. I was going to take on the world with my prose, because I would definitely have something worth hearing and my audience would be interested. That bubble burst the first month I began and I started to understand there was a little more to blogging than I realized. There are many strategies you implement to help grow your blog too. One of these strategies are…

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3 Common Travel Blogger Mistakes – Blogging Tips Article

If you are having a tough time gaining traction with your travel blog you may be falling prey to a few common mistakes. These errors plague most travel bloggers at one time during their careers. Instead of blaming the competition or bemoaning the fact that there is no money in travel blogging own the mistakes below and change your fortunes by turning course. Note: these mistakes are common to most bloggers from any niche. Especially error #1. Just because you aren’t…

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Hone Your Writing Skills: 10 Tips for Creative Writing – Blogging Tips Article

Do some rules in writing exist? Of course, there are some grammar and spelling rules that you need to follow unless you are planning to become famous because of your illiteracy, but when we are talking about the idea generation and creativity, no rules are applied. Modern writing is more than just creating love novels that end with characters living happily ever after. Today, you can easily kill the main character just in the first chapters of your book, you can…

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4 Easy Infographic Template Tools for Stunning Infographics – Blogging Tips Article

Want to use easy Infographic Template Tools to create stunning infographics… but don’t know where to start?  Infographics are a proven way to attract attention and traffic to your website over many years.    In this post I share 4 Infographic Template Tools for creating infographics easily and quickly… even if you are not a designer.  For many years now I have been a big fan of infographics.  Since 2012 we have created many infographics for blog posts on my Socially Sorted…

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Top 10 Socially Sorted Blog Posts in 2016 – Blogging Tips Article

It’s that time of year when we share the Top 10 Socially Sorted Blog Posts of the year!   This year there have been some stand out favourites.  In this post, I round them all up for you and share our top visual social media and content strategy posts of the year!   Image by Shutterstock   It’s always hard to pick your favourites blog posts!    Especially when each blog post is a labour of love. I have a complicated technical…

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7 Quick Blogging Tips – How to Power Up Your Traffic – Blogging Tips Article

If you are struggling to get results with your blog then you’ll love these 7 Quick Blogging Tips. I’ll walk you through 7 ways you can quickly and easily get results on your blog. This post is also super useful if you are getting traffic but want to boost it!   Image by Shutterstock When I started blogging in 2011 I had NO idea what I was doing. I wrote about a whole bunch of stuff and it was only later that…

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19 Easy Ways to Survey Your Audience and Crush it with Content – Blogging Tips Article

Is it time to Survey your audience?  Are you creating content without knowing if it is what they really want? In this post, I share 19 Ways to Survey Your Audience … so you can Crush it with Content that catches attention and converts! Hint:  Some of these strategies are super simple, and you can do them right NOW! Meerkats by Shutterstock BY DONNA MORITZ | SEPTEMBER 24, 2016   I’ve been there… and I am sure you have too. You…

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6 Smart Social Media Lessons for Small Business from a Car Dealer – Blogging Tips Article

Do you want to learn some instantly actionable, smart social media lessons for small business? In this post, I share some super simple strategies that a car dealer in Portland is using to drive engagement and traffic on social media. You can use these strategies in your business too! Image by Shutterstock   Last year, I received a thank you for following a Twitter account on Twitter.  I get many of these every day but this one really stuck out…

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7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals – Blogging Tips Article

Do you want to drive more blog readers?  Want to attract more eyeballs on your blog post?  In this post I share 7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers….with Visuals.   Hint:  Some of these tips require others to do the hard work for you!     Image by Shutterstock There’s a secret to leveraging the power of visual content. It’s this:  You don’t have to do ALL the work. If you create the right content that helps your…

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The 10 Most Shareworthy Socially Sorted Posts in 2015 – Blogging Tips Article

Last year in 2015, the Socially Sorted blog continued to grow in awesome ways. We brought you posts that challenged you to take action and get more traffic, shares and sales with visual social media and content strategy. And we had a few laughs along the way.  In this post I share my Top 10 most Shareworthy Socially Sorted Posts that you may have missed, so you can catch up and rock it in 2016!  Image by Shutterstock. In 2015 the posts…

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