Baked Lupin Blueberry Breakfast Slice with Gut-loving Coconut Yoghurt – Fitness Article

This baked lupin blueberry breakfast slice with gut-loving coconut yoghurt is such a nice combination for breakfast or even an afternoon snack. It’s not as sweet as a cake but the fruit makes it naturally sweet. It has a beautiful dense and moist texture and paired with the coconut yoghurt it’s perfect! You can freeze portions of the slice to eat later too. What are lupin flakes? If you’re wondering what lupin flakes, why you would eat them and where…

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10 foods rich in antioxidants you need to have in your diet – Fitness Article

Antioxidants are compounds that are found in one’s body as well as in many fruits and vegetables. Their chief functions include protecting our body’s cells from free radical damage. This, in turn, prevents premature aging and various chronic diseases. In fact, if the levels of free radicals in one’s body go unchecked, these unstable molecules can accumulate, thereby inducing a state known as oxidative stress. It can potentially wreak havoc on one’s DNA and other structures of cells, thereby increasing…

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