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Women try guessing each other’s weight… – Pilates Fitness Article

Women try guessing each other’s weight… Hey guys, I just uploaded a video unlike any I have ever made before. It’s an uncomfortable social experiment that’s already drawing a lot of attention.   I decided to gather a bunch of women together to figure out how accurate BMI, weight, and body fat percentage actually were to a person’s health. I mean, I think we all know to not “judge a book by its cover” but can you judge a person’s…

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3 Ways to Eat Intuitively — Sarah Canney – Running Fitness Article

3 Ways to Eat Intuitively — Sarah Canney Face the Fear Why is it that we adhere to all these food rules during the holidays? Why do we listen to diet culture and all it’s trick and tips to avoid XYZ at a party? It probably boils down to a fear of gaining weight. Is that your biggest fear? Is that what is driving your food choices? Why? I’m being totally serious. You have to dig into that fear if you…

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Suzanne’s Testimony – Fitness Article

I often ask you to share your testimony or your story with our community. To open up and encourage, inspire and learn from one another. It’s time for me to do the same. I wanted to share with you my journey into fitness, my struggles with body image and how I used to deal with it, and my path to find meaning in all of it. I have never shared this full story publicly before, but I’m trusting that someone out…

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I Will Never Stop Fighting For This Message – Workout Fitness Article

I will never forget a few years back when we were editing videos to add to the streaming library. I saw a few of the videos and immediately starting beating myself up about my body and my baby abs. The very same body that carried my two beautiful children. The very same body that carries me through the day and is strong. Why was I beating myself up? Why was I allowing these lies to creep in? After about 3 minutes…

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My Battle with Body Dysmorphia – Fitness Article

Looking back at this image, I will never forget how I felt about myself. Pretty much obsessed with being as thin as I could. This was taken in my mid 20s and I am standing next to my brother on vacation. In the video below, I talk about my experience at that time and then on to my journey to breaking out of that craziness. I am now thankful for my body and also thankful I don’t live under the…

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Postpartum Fitness & Nutrition Mindset – Fitness Article

Postpartum Fitness & Nutrition Mindset As a personal trainer in the fitness industry, it’s pretty hard to separate myself from thinking about fitness and nutrition since it’s the world I live in. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but over the years as I dug into which foods are more nutritious and learned the benefits of regular physical movement and exercise, I’ve found it’s easy to get sucked down different rabbit holes that can lead to obsessive behavior and/or…

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Strength Training after a Mastectomy – Workout Fitness Article

Strength Training after a Mastectomy It had been about six months since my breast reconstruction surgery and bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. I was at the gym, following an old training program I wrote. Back to training for months, I’d mostly avoided chest training. I glanced down to see which exercise was up next: Push-ups. I felt a little flutter in my stomach and made a spur-of-the-moment decision: I would try push-ups this time instead of skipping them. Since it would suck to lower myself down and…

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