How to Get That Elusive Spark Used to Push Limits – Workout Fitness Article

How to Get That Elusive Spark Used to Push Limits The first gym I trained at looked like a set from a 80’s action movie. From the outside, it looked like an old stone mill. Every member was given a key to get in and train whatever time of day or night you wanted. At the entrance, there was a table with a boombox, CD cases, and a clipboard to sign in with the date and time.   The gym…

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Uppercut Tips for Muay Thai – Fitness Article

The rear uppercut is not a commonly used punch in Muay Thai. However, it can be very effective when thrown from the right range and with good form and power. Establish proper range (see video). Drive from the hip and use a pivot + rotation of back foot and leg. Do not drop your hand at the beginning of the strike. Palm should face-in at the end of the punch. Make a tight first upon impact. Finish the punch with a shoulder roll.  …

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