The Lady Fellrunner: Goal Keeping – Running Fitness Article

The Lady Fellrunner: Goal Keeping The Lady Fellrunner: Goal Keeping Goal Keeping No, not of the football kind but the importance of challenging yourself and setting personal goals.  This blog, my first of 2018, is all about my aims for this year.   #doggoalsThe biggest change to the Aspinall household is the addition of Aggie our (now) 19 week Hungarian Vizsla.  Apart from the difficulties facing all new puppy owners – shark attacks, zoomies, toilet training… her actual basic training is…

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The Lady Fellrunner: Tentative Times! – Running Fitness Article

Thanks to Frank Golden for letting me use these images – they are great! Find him here on Facebook –  It’s been a while since my last blog post, apologies for that.  I have been hibernating and feeling grumpy at the most hideous winter for a long time – muddy, wet, cold and snow besieged – I am so looking forward to winter 18/19 (said no English person ever).  Yesterday somebody mentioned Christmas and it put me in a bad mood…

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