Bridging the Gap Between Movement in Fitness and Science – Fitness Article

Bridging the Gap Between Movement in Fitness and Science Bridging the gap between health professionals and fitness coaches with OPEX’s new Programming: Movement course If you have been coaching for any period of time, you probably faced frustrated and confused clients. Confused because what their chiropractor told them about their incorrect movement pattern conflicts with what their physiotherapist said. And what their physiotherapist said about their shoulder mobility and how to improve it is different than what their fitness coach…

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Incentivizing Your Coaches to Care – Fitness Article

The client, the coach and the business: If you’re in the fitness industry, the hope is that all three can be successful. For this to happen, the client needs a solution to his/her problem—to get and stay fit and healthy. The coach needs job fulfillment and an opportunity to make a professional wage so he can have a long-term career in fitness. And the business needs clients and coaches to stick around in order to be profitable. None of this…

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You May Want to Read This – Fitness Article

Catch up on the latest news from OPEX Fitness in this May mini-update. The 5 Program Design Mistakes Coaches Make Common Program Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them   Join OPEX Coaches Carl Hardwick and Georgia Smith as they cover one of the most important qualities of any coach, the ability to design an effective program The goal of this 30-minute video is to show coaches 5 common program design mistakes and a detailed explanation of how each can…

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