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How Much Do You Really Know About Coaching Women? Test Your Skills Here! – Workout Fitness Article

How Much Do You Really Know About Coaching Women? Test Your Skills Here! When it comes to coaching, the learning never stops. Even if you’re well-educated and certified, you might notice that there are some questions you don’t know how to answer, or client challenges you don’t know how to solve — especially with your female clients. For example, suppose a client asks you how to adapt her training program to her menstrual cycle, or about the changes her body’s…

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“I Don’t Want to Get Big & Bulky!” – Workout Fitness Article

“I Don’t Want to Get Big & Bulky!” “I don’t want to get big and bulky.” That’s what the prospective client told me. She wanted to get stronger, lose body fat, and feel more confident, but she was afraid of getting “too big.” According to her, resistance training, and especially weight lifting, were out of the question. I sighed to myself. Not again. How many times have you heard these words? “I want longer, leaner muscles.” “I don’t want to…

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Training Clients Post-Hysterectomy: What You Need to Know – Workout Fitness Article

Did you know that by age 60, more than one-third of women will have had a hysterectomy, and about 11.7% of women ages 40–44 will have had the procedure?1 In other words, if you primarily work with women, you’re likely to work with someone who has had a hysterectomy. As a coach, gaining a better understanding of what your client has undergone is important, as having a hysterectomy will have an impact on a woman’s health, training, well-being, and goals.…

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Exercising After C-Section: How to Train Clients Safely – Workout Fitness Article

Exercising After C-Section: How to Train Clients Safely In the United States, 85 percent of women will get pregnant in their lifetime (and that number is higher in other countries). While the majority of women will have vaginal births, about 32 percent will have C-sections. And the percentage of women who have C-sections continues to increase, both in the United States and around the world. With rising C-section birth rates and mounting evidence of the benefits of exercise in the…

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How to Train Clients With Diastasis Recti – Workout Fitness Article

How to Train Clients With Diastasis Recti As a pelvic health physiotherapist, I considered myself an expert in diastasis recti. After all, I’d been treating the condition for nearly 20 years in my patients. Then, after my third pregnancy, I diagnosed the condition in myself. Despite all my education and experience, my first reaction was fear. Because the conventional wisdom for so long has been to go slow to avoid anything that might make the diastasis recti worse, my instinct…

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Am I Fit Enough to Be a Trainer? – Workout Fitness Article

If we work in the health and fitness industry, that means we’ve got it all together, right? We look good, feel good, move well, and love our bodies too? Ummm… Nope. Whether we’re coaches, trainers, or other specialists, most of us have our own struggles and challenges when it comes to body image. Here’s the reality: Health and fitness professionals aren’t above or immune to the body image struggles they help many of their clients navigate. In fact, our culture,…

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Coaching Cheat Sheet: How to Handle Unrealistic Expectations – Workout Fitness Article

If you’re a health, fitness, or nutrition professional, I bet at least one of these scenarios will sound familiar to you. (Maybe both). Scenario A: A new client walks in and tells you exactly what she wants to “transform” into. The bad news is that she’s showing you a picture on her phone of a celebrity who doesn’t remotely look like her (and you know how much work this celebrity had to put in to get these results). Then this…

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