Friday Night Core (by Trainer Lisa Mcnett) – Workout Fitness Article

Friday Night Core (by Trainer Lisa Mcnett) Who says you can’t get in a quick workout on a Friday night? Kick-off your weekend with this 15-minute core workout. Don’t forget to log your rep details so you can track your progress over time. Don’t forget to thank Skimble Trainer Lisa Mcnett for this awesome workout by giving it a like 👍 Do you have a fitness resolution? Make progress towards achieving your goals with Skimble’s top fitness apps and supportive community. If…

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Improve Your Balance With These Moves – Women’s Running – Running Fitness Article

“> This challenge is all about balance exercises. The task is to walk from one end of a narrow surface to the other without looking down, walk backward to the starting point, then finally walk to the middle of your imaginary “balance beam,” squat down as low as you can, and rise back up to standing. After you’ve mastered this, do it all again with your eyes closed. Muscles worked: Balance work strengthens your hip stabilizer muscles, including your glutes…

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Avoiding “Coning” During Pregnancy Can Help Prevent Diastasis Recti – Fitness Article

Coning during pregnancy or coning of the belly during pregnancy. is when you see a ridge or bulge popping out down the midline of your belly. This typically occurs when doing an exercise incorrectly or an exercise that puts too much stress on the abdominals and should be avoided (see the image below for a visual). You can also see coning after baby if there is any abdominal separation (diastasis recti). Don’t fret!! I have some great tips for you…

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The 6 Best Exercises on a Stability Ball – Fitness Article

The stability ball is one of the best pieces of equipment in any gym: When you do exercises on it, it creates so much instability that it forces your smaller, stabilizing muscles to work harder to keep you steady and still. Over time, that increases the strength and endurance of those muscles for better movement patterns and injury prevention. Yet while you’ll often see people do situps and crunches on a stability ball, there are far better exercises. Read on…

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