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Top Indian whey protein with good quality and affordability. – – Gym Fitness Article

In our recent blog we have told you the basic major difference between mass gainer and whey protein. And which one is supposed to be the best in the long run. Next question which comes to your mind is regarding the genuinity of the product. Nowadays, You just cannot blindly trust over any product. In the world of duplicacy, one should be very careful while choosing the product for the health. And the same cannot be build over imported products,…

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Which One is Good for Weight Gaining – Gym Fitness Article

Many a times, when we are  struggling to gain weight ample numbers of question comes to our mind like – How to gain a quality weight? What is best for me either protein or mass Gainer? Which will prove helpful in the long run? Which will help in lean muscles-protein or Mass Gainer? What is the basic difference between them? Which will help in gaining weight more quickly? Etc.. Etc.. To solve all your dilemmas regarding Protein intake or the…

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What is the Ketogenic Diet? The Ultimate KETO Guide for Weight Loss. – – Gym Fitness Article

Guys!! This time, We have something different to tell you about. You may have heard about KETO formula to have your dream transformation. The way we are different here is, whenever you search for KETO, you get ideas which are hard to follow or are very tough to understand. To have a better knowledge how exactly this formula works, do visit our Vlog a complete KETO guideline. First of all what is KETO and how it works? KETO is basically…

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#Myth 3 – Gaining Weight once you stop hitting the Gym!!! – – Gym Fitness Article

There is a big time misconception in the minds of the people around us that once you stop hitting the gym, you will gain more of the weight!!! Do not forget to read our previous Myth Cheating over your meals and still weigh same. How? for better understanding of your mechanism. See, this is purely a myth..To burn calories or reduce the fat Content within us we need to workout.. Gym just gives you the place and motivation to shred…

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Ranveer Singh’s shocking transformation from ‘Padmaavat’ to ‘Gully Boy’ – – Gym Fitness Article

Ranveer Singh’s shocking transformation from ‘Padmaavat’ to ‘Gully Boy’ – For entertaining us with grave expression, pensive looks in padmavat now Ranveer Singh is all set to give us a major transformation goals for his next upcoming film Gully Boy. You’ll see Ranveer in definitely opposite avatar in Gully boy from that of Padmavat. For Padmavat, Ranveer had already put forth all his effort for essaying the role of villainous warrior. He went to intense training for the warrior look…

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