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Is Your Diet Damaging Your Brain? – Fitness Article

Is Your Diet Damaging Your Brain? Our brain is the powerhouse of our body. All our actions are controlled by our brain, ranging from even the slightest task of blinking the eye to standing up from a chair. The brain gets energy from the food we consume. The best functions are performed when nutritious diet is consumed and it is very necessary to consume a balanced diet in order for proper functioning of the body. Food is one of the…

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Are Healthy Food Combinations Just A Myth! – Fitness Article

Are Healthy Food Combinations Just A Myth!   Food combining has become very popular these days. Supporters of food combinations believe that wrong food combinations can cause various diseases, toxin-buildup, and digestive distress, on the contrary, correct food combinations can be useful. What is healthy food combination? Food combination or combining is pairing of certain foods together. The basic idea is that there exist such combinations as well which are improper. For example: eating steak with potatoes can have negative…

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Importance Of A Diet Plan – Fitness Article

The word diet simply means what you eat or scientifically your energy intake to be fit and healthy. Nowadays all are well known about healthy and unhealthy food items, but they don’t know about which is good for us. What should be the perfect time to eat, how much quantity to eat. We all are going to school from childhood to read ABC…, we can read the basics at home but what’s the purpose of going to school? Because a…

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