Dumbbell Uppers (by Trainer Tabitha Moore) – Workout Fitness Article

Dumbbell Uppers (by Trainer Tabitha Moore) This workout is a nice introduction for anyone wanting to explore adding weights to their workouts. Just grab some light dumbbells and get started with these few upper body exercises. Did you know you can track your weights/reps in Workout Trainer? Make a note of your weights to see your progress over time. Don’t forget to thank Skimble Trainer Tabitha Moore for this awesome workout by giving it a like 👍 Do you have a fitness…

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New Barbell Design: ~20% Increased Pectoralis Activity, Dumbbell-ish + Natural Movement, Lower Load, Lower Injury Risk – Is the ‘Free-Grip’ Barbell Worth Investing in? – Workout Fitness Article

Don’t pre-order yet: We don’t know if you are a ‘responder’ and even if you are whether your gains will actually benefit from allegedly increased muscle activity (eventually it’s not even clear that high EMG = high motor unit activity, cf. Vigotsky 2017). The promise of achieving greater muscle activity at lower weights while embracing the strengths of barbells (stability, easily rackable) and dumbbells (natural/optimal movement pattern) is yet intriguing, I must admit 😏. The “good old barbell” is just…

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