Eating Disorders

It’s Time to Change Running’s Toxic Culture – Salty Running – Running Fitness Article

It’s Time to Change Running’s Toxic Culture – Salty Running By now, we’ve all seen Mary Cain’s op-ed and video in the New York Times reporting physical and emotional abuse by Alberto Salazar and his coaching team during her time with the Nike Oregon Project. Cain describes how, deprived of the food she needed to fuel her training and constantly hounded about her weight, she spiraled into injury, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Her running career, which had been stellar until…

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My Journey To Mindfulness – RunningMyselfTogether – Running Fitness Article

My Journey To Mindfulness – RunningMyselfTogether Oh, my dear friends, I cannot even express to you how excited I am to finally share this blog post with you. First, because I’m finished the program (woo!). Second, because it has shown me a new side to life that I never took the time to experience. Third, because it brought me so much peace and joy knowing that we’re talking about mental health in the Church.  If you haven’t been following along…

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A Trip To My Therapist’s Office – Running Fitness Article

I looked at my calendar and silently groaned. “Therapy again tomorrow? I just went last week. There is literally nothing else I can say. I’ve said it all.” And there’s some truth to that. I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was 15. Having eating disorders, anxiety, and depression means my butt has been on a lot of old couches with stiff pillows, while surrounded by fake plants, cheesy quotes and various assortments of self-help books. Nonetheless, I…

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