Interview: Joel Seedman, Advanced Human Performance [Tips + Implementation] – Workout Fitness Article

Interview: Joel Seedman, Advanced Human Performance [Tips + Implementation] Get the Basics… Strength Training Established on Legitimate Research Proper Technique Effecting Legitimate Results Healthy Habits Ensuring Long-Term Retention There’s a lot of noise and misinformation when it comes to dieting and exercise, isn’t there? When embarking on the journey to start your own fitness business, finding a way to filter the good information from the harmful can be a difficult proposition. Today, we’re talking to Dr. Joel Seedman who chose…

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Grow Your Fitness Business Online (Interview + Actionable Tips) – Workout Fitness Article

Get the Basics… We’ve interviewed Dean Somerset, Tony Gentilcore, and Kellie Davis to find out how to grow your fitness business online Read the interview or scroll through each section and watch the corresponding video We’ve broken the interview videos down into three sections for easy viewing These tips and hacks are from fitness pros in the trenches — experts in their fields Cameron from Exercise.com: So we are here with Exercise.com’s “How to Grow Your Fitness Business Online.” If you’re…

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