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Slosh Pipe Basics and Benefits – Workout Fitness Article

Slosh Pipe Basics and Benefits by Vincent Metzo, MA, LMT, CSCS Strengthening the trunk muscles and the body’s core has become a prevalent subject over the last 20 years. When we look at the use of unstable surfaces (physioballs a.k.a. Swedish balls, balance disks/platforms, Bosu balls, etc.) and the use of unstable objects to lift (slosh pipes, slosh balls, weights suspended from bars, etc.) the topics of upper and lower extremity strengthening, and that of stabilizing muscles at the shoulder…

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5 Unpopular Steps When Building Your Personal Training Business – Workout Fitness Article

by Tyler Valencia, MS A prevalent subject on the KIPS blog has been, and will be, business fundamentals as they relate to personal training. It’s not that other subjects such as exercise physiology or programming are not important, but rather business fundamentals are typically what help entry-level personal trainers stay in the industry. Are there outliers? There sure are! Every situation is different, and sometimes you come across a personal trainer with sub-par business fundamentals and a full training schedule.…

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5 Mistakes Entry Level Trainers Make – Workout Fitness Article

by Tyler Valencia, MS This is an updated version of a post originally published in 2017. The concepts are the same but the information has been updated to reflect the current trends. Hopefully keeping this information up-to-date can help trainers entering the industry get a head start. Feel free to add to the conversation in the comments. When we all start our first personal training job we are bright-eyed and ready to train clients. We just got our personal training…

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