Pilates Helps Reduce Low Back Pain In Men – Pilates Fitness Article

Pilates Helps Reduce Low Back Pain In Men A recent Randomised Control Trial (RCT) has highlighted the significance of exercise on reduction of low back pain for male long term sufferers. Exercise has long been associated with the reduction of low back pain and, combined with the mental health benefits, gives chronic back pain sufferers a greater overall quality of life. So which modalities or types of exercise were investigated in this study you ask? Pilates, of course! The trial…

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How To Find A Local Upholsterer For Your Equipment – Pilates Fitness Article

How To Find A Local Upholsterer For Your Equipment Ripped, torn, or cut vinyl on your Pilates equipment may not be a safety issue, but it sure ages the equipment.  For most Balanced Body equipment replacing the foam and vinyl is easy and doesn’t require any upholstery skills! Click here to read more about the replacements you can do yourself.  But for other pieces, custom upholstery is the only option besides buying a whole new one! These pieces can include:…

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Pilates Equipment: Small Stability Ball – Pilates Fitness Article

Pilates Equipment: Small Stability Ball Bend + Mend’s Pilates-Informed classes use different pieces of Pilates equipment to add variability and further challenge our clients. In this blog we are going to talk about our small stability ball. The stability ball can be used to challenge the stability of different muscle groups depending on how it is used. Below are three ways in which this piece of equipment can be used during our sessions: Arms in straps: Placing the ball underneath…

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Mud and Blood Windproof Jacket Review – Running Fitness Article

Mud and Blood Windproof Jacket Review In a market dominated by international brands I was interested to hear about Mud and Blood and put some of their products to the test and the cool autumn conditions were ideal for trying out their windproof jacket. running in the Mud and Blood windproof jacket Made of ripstop nylon with a durable water repellent coating the smock style jacket is very lightweight (my size Small weighed exactly 100g) and packs neatly into its own…

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The OMM – Elite Kit Choice – Running Fitness Article

The OMM – Elite Kit Choice The OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) takes place in October, when weather conditions in the UK can be bad, and visits remote upland terrain. Thus competitors are faced with a conundrum:To go fast and light, carrying as little kit as the rules allow and thus skimping on comfort or..Take a bigger pack and more comfortable kit but at the expense of having to carry the extra weight around the hills for two days. A glance at…

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1000 Mile Trail Socks – Review – Running Fitness Article

1000 Mile Trail Socks – Review Ones that hug you and feel soft beneath your feet rather than those mis-shapen, threadbare and holy things that you seem to have been running in recently! 1000 Mile Trail Socks are my new socks; a blend of acrylic and Merino wool that are anatomically shaped offering different amounts of padding to different parts of the foot. 1000 Mile trail socks The forefoot, heel and toes have more padding for comfort and this extends up the…

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