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Adventures in Mammoth – SoCal Runner Gal – Running Fitness Article

Before I start, I need to say THANK YOU all so much for your kind, loving words after my last post. I received TONS of DMs, emails, comments, texts, etc. and every single one made my heart warm. Not one came with any negativity and I appreciate that more than you could ever know. You all just get it. And that’s why I love this little community. Posting about my divorce was freeing and it really helped me to step into…

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A New Beginning. On My Own. – Running Fitness Article

  When you marry someone, the plan is that you stay together until one of you dies. But sometimes, it’s better for everyone involved if you let the marriage die first.   My wife and I are getting a divorce.   Wow. That was hard to write. My hands are shaking and my heart is beating out of my chest, but I just know it’s time to share. I know I am not alone in this.   Divorce is not…

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My Favorite Books of the Year (so far) – Running Fitness Article

My Favorite Books of the Year (so far) I think I’m way overdue for a book post. I’ve read close to 30 books this year and haven’t done a single blog post to share my favorites. The books I selected weren’t necessarily published in 2018, rather books I’ve read in 2018 and loved. I always have so many recommendations and I’m always personally looking for recommendations so this is a win/win. Leave your favorite books of the year in the…

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