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An Opportunity to Do Good – Running Fitness Article

An Opportunity to Do Good Sponsored post. It’s the indie movement. The DIY kind of mentality. It’s the decision to choose artisan over mass-produced and big box. In today’s world, we are presented with numerous options in our purchasing decisions. Some are convenient and some may take a bit more effort to find, but have a greater impact locally and are more sustainable. That is where IndieDoGood.com is positioning itself. What if there was a website where you could find…

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SeaWheeze 2018: How a Fair Process Left One Runner Out – Running Fitness Article

Panic. It was a moment of pure panic. The kind where you don’t know what to do and you just look around the room with wide-open eyeballs trying to find answers in someone else’s eyes. That was quickly replaced by helplessness when the clock was approaching zero seconds and culminated with shock and defeat once time was up. THAT’s what registering for Seawheeze was like in 2017. With credit card errors, people needing to use multiple computers, and several mobile…

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Gifting the Run Happy Experience – Running Fitness Article

Can you describe a “run happy” moment? That was the question asked of me back in June when I was sitting at Brooks HQ in Seattle (surrounded by my fellow Run Happy Ambassadors). My answer included a moment with my (almost) 7-year old daughter and coaching her Track & Field team. But the larger take-away for me was the importance of the question being asked. Being a part of the Brooks Run Happy Ambassador team has been an amazing experience.…

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