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Hey, 2019. Sup? – Running Fitness Article

Hey, 2019. Sup? It feels hard to justify writing here these days. It seems sort of self-indulgent. With my newsletter every week and the pseudo-race reports on Instagram, how much more could you all really want to know about me? Still, maybe you don’t listen to the podcast on Fridays or follow my weird jokes on twitter. So to sum up real fast: I decided to race a bunch of halves late into the season. Shanghai 70.3 went alright; I was…

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Sept. 23-29 – Running Fitness Article

Sept. 23-29 I’ve decided to start “blogging” again, but I also decided I’m not going to spend too much time on it. Sorry/not sorry. I already write the weekly newsletter and record the podcast if you really want triathlon news, and I post on Instagram fairly regularly. (I’m not as much on the other socials right now, because it started to feel like I should get paid for the amount of time and energy people were demanding. And I’m really…

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Sept. 30 – Oct. 6 – Running Fitness Article

Sept. 30 – Oct. 6 This week ended up being a bit of a surprise rest week. In that, *surprise*, I swapped the 4-5 easy days planned for next week to this week. It was actually probably a good choice, since I can still get in another 9-10 days of work from here and then call it. And all indicators are that I needed the slight rest from Monday-Thursday or so. But it also always feels harder to break after…

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