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Fit by 40 and Beyond – Workout Fitness Article

Next month, I have a milestone birthday coming up: the big 4-0. Being completely transparent, saying, “I’m 40,” wasn’t something I was looking forward to. I don’t feel 40, do I? What is 40 anyway? Just a number. My age does not define me. I’m grateful to be able to celebrate 40 years of a healthy, active life! That has not happened by accident though. I Invest time in training my body…properly. Once we approach 40, we are losing lean…

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Functional Fitness Defined – Blonde Ponytail – Workout Fitness Article

Thanks for your patience, friends! My newest training plan is available for purchase today! Functional Fitness Defined Functional Fitness Defined uses compound movements with a variety of equipment to help you create an athletic physique and perform to your potential. You will complete 8 weeks of constantly varied programming with 5 workouts per week. Workouts will target different training goals like metabolic conditioning, HIIT (high intensity interval training), strength/balance, and conditioning. A comprehensive nutrition guide is also included. Let’s get started! Why…

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