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Top 7 Yoga Poses for Fertility – Fitness Article

Yoga Poses for Fertility These days our lives are filled with stress and our schedules are quite erratic. This has given rise to several health issues. Meeting deadlines, working late at the night and having almost nil ‘me time’ has taken precedence in our world. One common problem due to stress and a hurried way of living is infertility. Many couples are not able to conceive and if you too have this issue, it is time to turn to yoga.…

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When Should You Avoid Ginger? – Fitness Article

Hello All!!!! Ginger is an answer to a lot of ailments like colds, cough, or digestive problems. However, it has cons also that are not known to many people. It may be hailed in Ayurveda but even this natural form of medication can be a health hazard for people who have certain health conditions. If you have any of the following conditions, you should stop eating ginger right away! Ginger is effective in weight loss and that is why many…

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