7 Healthy Foods to include in your Diet – Fitness Article

7 Healthy Foods to include in your Diet Weight loss has always been 80% about the right diet, and 20% about physical activity. Eating the right kind of food is crucial to any individual looking to achieve their fitness goals. This World Food Day, we take a look at 7 healthy foods that need to be a part of your diet.1. EggsOnce discounted due to high cholesterol content, whole eggs are now on most recommended lists again. High in protein,…

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Why Fiber is so Important For Digestion – Fitness Article

What is fiber and are you getting enough fiber in your diet? Fiber is a complex carbohydrate that our body does not digest. Fiber can be divided into two general groups, soluble and insoluble. The main difference between these two is that soluble fiber can absorb water while insoluble fiber does not absorb water or dissolve in water. This means that when consuming foods rich in soluble fiber, it helps to keep our stools softer and pass more easily…

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