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Back on the horse. | runbkrun – Running Fitness Article

I suppose ‘back on the horse’ is a strange title for a running post. Needless to say I don’t own a (whole)  horse although I do own 2.5% of a race horse, it’s a long story! Anyhow the point of this post is I’ve just about recovered from man-flu after nearly a month. I know the women reading this will roll their eyes and snigger at that statement but you really don’t understand how dangerous man-flu is ! My last…

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Running sick is never going to end well. – Running Fitness Article

Sneezing, coughing, congestion, and achy muscles. No, you did not stumble onto a Nyquil commercial. Unfortunately, hard training increases your susceptibility to getting sick, especially if you have children at home. When you are in the middle of a big training segment, it’s important to know what to do when those symptoms do arise, and you are faced with the question of whether to run or not. To make the decision easy, this article will give you a clear idea of what…

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Found one mojo, treat carefully. (Please forward this to Hoka One One) – Running Fitness Article

2019 has been a mixed bag for me. So far I’ve raced 6 times and done pretty well. Three 10k’s finishing in 36.17, 35.55 and 35.38 ; two half marathons , 1:22 and 1:19 and one full, 2:57. Not times to set the world alight but reasonable enough I suppose to keep me interested. Chuck in my first ever DNF at the Lighthouse 12 hour race and I reckon I’m averaging around the ‘B’ grade for the year; commendable effort…

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A runners night out…. | runbkrun – Running Fitness Article

A runners night out, watching a film about running naturally? This years marks the fifth year of the Run Nation Film Festival and I highly recommend you pop along to a cinema near you (if possible) and watch it. The website will have all the details ( ) and I’m very excited and looking forward to viewing the film in Perth on August 22nd, luckily enough a few days before the Perth City to Surf Marathon. This film will certainly inspire…

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Finding your mojo. | runbkrun – Running Fitness Article

‘I lost my desire to run when I was in the depths of anorexia. Running became a chore and the illness snatched my passion for something that had offered freedom. Now I am progressing in my recovery and finally have the energy to run and ultimately feel the mental benefits.’ Alison MacVicar ‘After pelvic issues in pregnancy and a caesarean section, my running performance was ruined. How much harder it was to run and how much slower I was really…

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Recovery , active or passive, is the result the same ? – Running Fitness Article

Passive recovery means stillness and inactivity. By contrast, active recovery means being active in a way that promotes recovery rather than intensity Time to pay the piper, but the real payment starts after the marathon finishes! A few weekends ago I ran marathon number 44 , which was a controlled effort for sub number 31. After celebrating with a can of Guinness , or three, it was off back to the mainland and time for active recovery. Now when I…

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With running you can predict the future and trail stuff. – Running Fitness Article

  Preparing to explode , all bar one runner playing on his iPhone ? Using shorter races to predict your times in marathons is possible if you also take into account your training and previous times. One of my favourite to predict your marathon time is doubling your latest half time and adding 10 minutes, less if you have more experience. E.g. a half time of  one hour 30 minutes would equate to a 3 hour 10 minute full marathon,…

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