New Barbell Design: ~20% Increased Pectoralis Activity, Dumbbell-ish + Natural Movement, Lower Load, Lower Injury Risk – Is the ‘Free-Grip’ Barbell Worth Investing in? – Workout Fitness Article

Don’t pre-order yet: We don’t know if you are a ‘responder’ and even if you are whether your gains will actually benefit from allegedly increased muscle activity (eventually it’s not even clear that high EMG = high motor unit activity, cf. Vigotsky 2017). The promise of achieving greater muscle activity at lower weights while embracing the strengths of barbells (stability, easily rackable) and dumbbells (natural/optimal movement pattern) is yet intriguing, I must admit 😏. The “good old barbell” is just…

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This Week in Grip Episodes 66-70 – Diesel Crew – Workout Fitness Article

This Week in Grip Episodes 66-70 – Diesel Crew This Week in Grip Episodes 66-70 Time to get caught up a little bit on This Week in Grip. Incidentally, I created a Playlist for the Podcast, so if you’re new to the show, you can start right from the beginning and get caught up: This Week in Grip Complete Playlist Episode 66 – Hand Shake Power & Rich Williams’ 560 Axle Episode 67 – Joe Sullivan and the Cross Canada…

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