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Five Travel Tips for Pilates this Holiday Season – Workout Fitness Article

Five Travel Tips for Pilates this Holiday Season The holidays are a time to enjoy your family, and this often means some travel! But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your Pilates practice just because you can’t make it to the studio. Whether you’re a frequent flier or are taking your annual trip, here are some tips to make Pilates while traveling a whole lot easier! Travel With Pilates PropsYou can’t take a reformer with you (unfortunately!), but you…

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Improve Your Posture with these Pilates Movements – Workout Fitness Article

Improve Your Posture with these Pilates Movements There’s more to your posture than standing or sitting taller and straighter. In fact, posture plays a key role in overall body health. Circulation, range of motion, releasing pressure on your organs and ligaments, all have posture to thank.Posture can also prevent repetitive strain or injury. This is because when we sit all day at work or perform the same actions, our posture degrades over time. The result? We start to develop aches…

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Healing a Sprained Ankle – Pilates In The Grove – Workout Fitness Article

Healing a Sprained Ankle – Pilates In The Grove So, you took that iffy step off a curb and now have a sprained ankle? Don’t worry, with a couple of weeks of rest, you’ll be as good as new….. That is almost never how it works out in real life. Whether the injury is so “simple” as an ankle sprain or a broken bone to a devastating injuwry requiring advanced medical intervention, it’s never that simple. Our bodies are created…

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Mobility for Low Back Pain – Workout Fitness Article

Mobility for Low Back Pain If you’ve ever found yourself suffering from some form of back pain, you are certainly not alone. In industrialized countries, there is a 60-70% incidence rate of non-specific low back pain according to the World Health Organization. For many, they may feel that their back pain resolves itself for a short while, only to return again. For others, masking the pain with medications seems like the only option. But did you know that movement might…

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Do Pets Help with Mental Health? – Workout Fitness Article

#ItsNotMyDog It was the beginning of March when my son asked me to go to the backyard to introduce me to the dog he and his dad had bought and flown from Kansas…..What? At that moment I started walking like Darth Vader in a hallway of the Devastator, breathing heavily, the vein on my forehead popping and my blood pressure rising. I could not believe they had gotten a dog without consulting me!  I had been postponing having a dog…

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