Start Relieving Stress with 5 Simple Daily Habits – Fitness Article

Start Relieving Stress with 5 Simple Daily Habits In our world today, we experience more stressful situations than our bodies were meant to withstand. However, many of us do not want to go on medications to help control the effects of stress due to the side effects of some medications are worse than the condition being treated. However, there are several things we can do to help manage our stress and its effects naturally… without medication. Note – it is…

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How Much Walking Do You Need to Do to Drop Weight? – Fitness Article

How Much Walking Do You Need to Do to Drop Weight? If you are facing the right direction, then all you have to do is keep on walking to lose weight! Everyone knows how important exercise is for our overall health, not to mention how we feel about ourselves — which is also very important. Popular exercise plans often promise six-pack abs, sculpted glutes, and a lean silhouette if you work harder than you ever have and consume less than…

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Running After 50 – Running Fitness Article

Responding Well to Life’s Inevitable Changes If you’re reading this, you’re aging. Like it or not, none of us can pass on that hand. And, as long as you HAVE to age, do whatever you can, to do it well. The main theme driving a lot of “graceful aging” programs involves choosing to create a good quality of life for as long as you can.  In my early forties, I started running ultras. My crazy thirties were behind me and…

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Chi for Maximum Brain Health – Running Fitness Article

Chi for Maximum Brain Health Written by: Katherine Dreyer, Co-founder of ChiRunning, ChiWalking & ChiLiving In our last visit to AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), where we have taught running and walking to the staff for years, we met with their new group whose focus is on Brain Health.  “Brain health is the new heart health,” we were told. “And what we’ve learned is that the best way to improve your brain’s health and functioning is for you to…

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Chi Shoe Review: Carets Dress Shoes – Running Fitness Article

Chi Shoe Review: Carets Dress Shoes This review is for the Carets FER 4.1 Cap-Toe, produced and sold by When I was asked to review a pair of Carets dress shoes, I was excited to put all of my transferable knowledge of designing and reviewing running shoes to the test on a shoe that has little to do with running… except maybe running to catch the last train out of the City. It’s rare when I put on a…

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A Balancing Act – Gym Fitness Article

A Balancing Act This whole week we’ve been talking about the importance of balance. So how do you have fun while staying fit and still working toward your goals? The key to a happy life is balance. This is also true when it comes fitness. If you are always on the grind and never give yourself a break, it is easy to burn out and give up on your goals. Know your self, If you eat good all week, and…

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Hand Placement – Gym Rats Fit – Gym Fitness Article

Hand Placement – Gym Rats Fit I’m back and today were going over hand placement while performing bicep curls. As with many other exercises, the effectiveness and efficiency of Curls can be altered by your hand positioning. Minor changes in how you grab the bar can have a big effect on the results of the exercise. Knowing how these variations affect your Curl can give you a boost in muscle size and help you better understand how to target them…

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