5 Tips to Fix the Other 23 Hours of Your Client’s Life – Fitness Article

How to help your clients outside of the gym If you have coached for any period of time, you probably agree getting clients to commit to the training in the gym is the easy part. After all, it only consumes just one hour of their day three to five days a week. It’s the other 23 hours of the day—where even bigger changes need to be made—that’s the real challenge.  Getting your clients to make lasting lifestyle changes is absolutely…

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Depression Awareness – Premier Fitness Camp – Fitness Article

October is Depression Awareness month, and struggling with depression can directly affect your eating habits, weight and motivation to exercise causing a downward spiral into feeling more depressed about letting your personal situation get out of control. Let’s discuss how to fight for ourselves during these times… For starters, it’s important to determine if depression may be affecting you. Some of the most common symptoms of depression are depressed mood, decreased interest in activities you used to enjoy, increase or…

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