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Pilates Gifts For Your Favorite Fitness Fanatic – Workout Fitness Article

Pilates Gifts For Your Favorite Fitness Fanatic Pilates-lovers and fitness fanatics are a certain breed! Which makes finding the perfect Christmas gift for them tricky. We are here to help! From at-home props to Pilates classes, there’s plenty of Pilates-themed gifts for your friends and family. Grippy SocksNot only do we need grippy socks for health reasons in the studio, but they are also excellent for balance and staying secure on Pilates equipment like the reformer. We have grippy socks available…

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5 Gifts I Love to Give – Running Fitness Article

5 Gifts I Love to Give Welcome to this special edition of the Friday 5 (on Thursday)! 😉 I just finished this post, so I figured I’d hit publish a little early! With the holidays just around the corner, you’ll likely see all sorts of gift guides pop up on your favorite blogs. I’ve created a number of these over the years, but I decided to switch things up and write just one with my ultimate favorite gifts to give…

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