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Functional Fitness Defined – Blonde Ponytail – Workout Fitness Article

Thanks for your patience, friends! My newest training plan is available for purchase today! Functional Fitness Defined Functional Fitness Defined uses compound movements with a variety of equipment to help you create an athletic physique and perform to your potential. You will complete 8 weeks of constantly varied programming with 5 workouts per week. Workouts will target different training goals like metabolic conditioning, HIIT (high intensity interval training), strength/balance, and conditioning. A comprehensive nutrition guide is also included. Let’s get started! Why…

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14 Day Challenge: FREE Workouts & Nutrition – Workout Fitness Article

14 Day Challenge: FREE Workouts & Nutrition I wanted to share an upcoming challenge that I would love for you to be a part of! Starting Monday, March 5th, I will be sharing 14 days of free workouts and nutrition information. Free Workouts I typically share a free workout here and there on instagram stories, but this will be a series of workouts. I’ll be incorporating some basic equipment like dumbbells or kettlebells. This is will be a good lead…

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Workout Routines FOR MEN & WOMEN|Home Bodybuilding – Fitness Article

Workout Routines FOR MEN & WOMEN|Home Bodybuilding Y  ou looking to start building muscle to get ripped? Need a plan to get lean and toned? Starting  home bodybuilding workout routines can be quite intimidating for beginners, going to the gym with tons of people that you think are watching and judging how you look. Having to wait on machines and equipment, can all play a huge role in your fitness experience. We will show you how to use your body-weight…

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