Indoor Cycling

Can spinning make you a better runner? – Running Fitness Article

Can spinning make you a better runner? SPINNING is a high-energy, high intensity indoor cycling workout that is great for fitness, not to mention being fantastic fun. But can it make you a better runner? There’s no escaping the fact that to be a better runner, you have to run. Most of your training needs to include running specific sessions that are focused on achieving your running goals whether that’s a 5k or a marathon. But incorporating a regular spin…

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Is Cycling Good for Weight Loss? – Fitness Article

The thought of a bicycle might make you giddy with joy. Several of us learned to ride at a young age. You know, that movie-like setting of someone running beside you as you learn to pedal and then suddenly letting go, leaving you to figure out how to balance and then stop on your own. Others learned to ride at an older age, or maybe even had their first bike experience in an indoor cycling class. Perhaps you are a…

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