What is Functional Strength Training? – Fitness Article

What is Functional Strength Training? What is Functional Strength Training Defined & Sample Workouts Decades ago the phrase ‘functional strength training’ would have been redundant, as the goal of all weight training was to prepare for sport. But at the beginning of the 21st century most gym-goers were not looking to improve their performance in sport, but instead, were chasing aesthetics.  Today, however, is a different story. The term ‘functional’ is being used more than ever and describes a certain…

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Programming: Movement Course – Explained – Fitness Article

Programming: Movement Course – Explained Who and Why to take OPEX’s new Programming: Movement Course Our new course Programming: Movement has a lofty mission: To fix a giant gap that exists in the health and fitness industry today. What gap? The disjointedness that exists among various healthcare professionals—physiotherapists, chiropractors, fitness coaches, RMTs, osteopaths etc.—in terms of language and perspective. We all receive different training and acquire a different language and ways to communicate with our patients and clients, and as…

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What is Time Under Tension and How to Use It – Fitness Article

What is Time Under Tension and How to Use It The Basics of Time Under Tension and How to Use it You’ve probably heard the phrase “time under tension” before. It’s common to hear “it’s the key to growth,” referring to time under tension tossed around the gym. This phrase is commonplace because altering it is a great way to increase the dose-response (effect) of an exercise. But to get the most out of it, one must first understand how…

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