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My goal to run faster at 40 – Running Fitness Article

My goal to run faster at 40 IT’S been a while since my last blog post. I’ve been on a Greek island coming to terms with turning 40. It’s been tough. I always thought 40 was old, until last week when I suddenly realised how young it is. Except it’s not really. And I started worrying that if I want to achieve certain running goals (like a sub 20-min 5k, sub 40-min 10k and sub 1 hr 30 half marathon)…

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15 ways to stay motivated to run – Running Fitness Article

15 ways to stay motivated to run FINDING the motivation to run during the cold, dark winter months can be a challenge, but don’t despair. Here’s how you can stay motivated and keep your training on track this autumn and winter. Get organisedSet a goal. Whether it’s to complete a race or train to achieve a particular time, make sure you have a goal. Think about why achieving the goal is important to you and keep reminding yourself of this.…

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