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Choosing a Spring Marathon – The Runner Beans – Running Fitness Article

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want to run a BQ in 2020, but so far I’ve resisted signing up for any races. I mean, literally any which is so unlike me. All I have on my calendar so far in 2020 is the Brighton Half marathon. However, with November rapidly approaching, it’s time to lock in a goal race. I’m looking for something ideally in late April/May, with a fast, flat BQ sanctioned course. I thought…

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6 of the Best FREE Marathon Training Plans – Fitness Article

After the popularity of my post on free CrossFit training programmes, and with Spring Marathon training season fast approaching, I thought I’d do some of the legwork of finding completely FREE marathon training plans for you! Some are plans I’ve tried before, the others are ones I’ve researched but not necessarily chosen to follow for one reason or another. When you’re choosing a marathon training plan you should be looking for one that challenges you, but is also realistic for…

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My Top 7 Marathon Fundraising Tips – Fitness Article

Running the London marathon (or any other race!) for charity is an amazing experience – knowing you’re doing something good for a cause you care about, having the support both online in the lead up to the race and on race day itself… charities are fantastic. And it’s a brilliant way of getting to do something you might not otherwise have the chance to, as I did with ticking VLM off my bucket list with the Royal British Legion this…

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Virgin London Marathon 2018 – Race Recap – Fitness Article

Virgin London Marathon 2018 – Race Recap When it comes down to it and your heart is punching its way out of your chest, your legs are heavy and you feel dizzy as fuck, the way I see it you have three choices: Drop out of the race, sacrificing your hard work fundraising for charity and that finish-line feeling, not to mention the medal. Push through, risking your health for the pride of a certain hour mark. Dial it back…

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The Lady Fellrunner: Tentative Times! – Running Fitness Article

Thanks to Frank Golden for letting me use these images – they are great! Find him here on Facebook –  It’s been a while since my last blog post, apologies for that.  I have been hibernating and feeling grumpy at the most hideous winter for a long time – muddy, wet, cold and snow besieged – I am so looking forward to winter 18/19 (said no English person ever).  Yesterday somebody mentioned Christmas and it put me in a bad mood…

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5 Tips For Runners Tackling Their First Marathon – RandRuns – Running Fitness Article

This is a guest post by Shaun Dixon, who is an elite runner and head coach at Let’s Get Running. A self diagnosed ‘run-addict’, he uses his experience of training and competing over a range of distances to coach runners of all ability levels. Shaun is training me for the 2017 London Marathon. Thinking of tackling your first Marathon? Here are 5 tips to read before you kick off your training. 1. Be patient. Don’t take on too much too…

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Joining Reebok for the London Marathon – RandRuns – Running Fitness Article

I’m delighted to announce that I will be joining Team Reebok as a Reebok Floatride Ambassador for this years London Marathon. I ran London last year, and it was one of my favorite marathons ever, so I was disappointed to miss out in the ballot this year. Reebok and The Running Bug saved the day however, and I look forward to working with my coach Shaun Dixon over the next few weeks to get in shape for London! I am…

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