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What Are The Best Fat Burning Exercises? (5 Big Myths) – Workout Fitness Article

When someone asks me what the best fat burning exercises and workouts are, I respond with something they probably didn’t want to hear… “Fat loss is primarily a function of your diet, not your workout.” Yeah, that’s not quite the simple list of “best exercises” they were hoping for. For that reason, what comes next is often a response filled with a combination of confusion and annoyance. Here now is my attempt at clearing all of that up once and…

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7 Proven Ways To Make It Faster – Workout Fitness Article

Do you want to know how to increase your metabolism? If so, there’s something you need to know up front: most of the advice you’ll find is crap. It’s largely a collection of silly myths, dangerous methods, and insignificant things that may technically work but won’t actually be enough to speed up your metabolism to any meaningful degree. How wonderful! But I do have some good news. There are 7 proven ways to make your metabolic rate faster: Gain more…

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