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Serial Course Cutter Uncovered After Impossible Chicago Splits – Running Fitness Article

Serial Course Cutter Uncovered After Impossible Chicago Splits Last week I started my review of The Chicago Marathon. The obvious course cutters were already removed from the results. The runners that missed multiple mats have been removed. Emily Clark has been disqualified. However, I uncovered one runner with a finish time of 3:10:00. The splits show that the runner undoubtedly cut the course. Further analysis showed a history of suspicious results. 2019 Chicago Marathon Manuel did not miss any of…

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Choosing a Spring Marathon – The Runner Beans – Running Fitness Article

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want to run a BQ in 2020, but so far I’ve resisted signing up for any races. I mean, literally any which is so unlike me. All I have on my calendar so far in 2020 is the Brighton Half marathon. However, with November rapidly approaching, it’s time to lock in a goal race. I’m looking for something ideally in late April/May, with a fast, flat BQ sanctioned course. I thought…

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