Repetition – the year that was 2019 – Running Fitness Article

Repetition – the year that was 2019 “Eastenders was hilarious tonight” “No barcode mate? No worries” “Loving Gavin Hinde’s new perm” “Ach Brexit doesn’t matter, let’s all just get pissed” Jacob Rees Mogg “I had a lot of luck today” John Speirs “My brother is my best pal” Noel Gallagher “High flying St Mirren” “I didn’t like it…. I thought it was utter p1sh” Simon Cowell “I genuinely cannot complain” Mark Gallacher Things you don’t expect to hear, but see…

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Roadrunner – the Strathaven 10k 2019 – Running Fitness Article

Roadrunner – the Strathaven 10k 2019 Are we there yet? Is the season finished yet? At least there’s a XC lull and it’s back to the roads. I’ve had my double peak this year and pretty much nailed what I tried to do but even though last week’s XC showed that the tank is about empty but I still have another couple of races to do before I fade back into oblivion again. Strathaven “Run with the wind” (aye right!) 10k.…

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Blue – The Scottish XC Relays 2019 – Running Fitness Article

I’ve been quite fortunate/ unfortunate (delete where applicable) to be involved in the relays with my club this year, not just running them but being involved at the sharp end and competing for medals. Now as I say, it’s great scraping the selection, but man it can be a burden, particularly when you are the least talented member of the team, and by some way. It’s the Scottish X Country relays, at Cumbernauld and we have some talented Masters runners. I…

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